1 jul. 2005

I am depressed. I am having a hard time getting through the days. When I feel this way, the first thing I want to do is trash some hapless SoQ poet or flame the comment box of some fool making a dumb remark about Jordan Davis's aspiration to write a million poems. So before I start attacking, I'm making a plea to noted psychoanalyst and poet Nick Piombino. Please stop me! I think it will make me feel better to go on a rampage like the strangler in Kenneth Koch's "Fresh Air," but it won't.

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Nick Piombino dijo...

Maybe this is grieving and not depression,'
strictly speaking. Checking Google for
Kenneth Koch's *Fresh Air* I found that
he died on July 6th.

There's an interview with Kenneth Koch
on Kenneth Koch {click here}

By the way, I enjoyed your poem *Sunday Morning*
in the Hat #6, along with those of 82 other poets!

Nick Piombino dijo...

Sorry, I meant an article about
Kenneth Koch, in the above comment.

Jesse dijo...

Paxil CR (when it's back on the market).

* dijo...

I think rampagin' is an Ok way to go to be honest with you.

Get down w/ yr bad self.


Jonathan dijo...


You're right, Jimmy. Sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered.

Nick Piombino dijo...

Yesterday Jimmy, Mitch Highfill,
his son Jackson, Gary Sullivan,
and I rampaged in Prospect
Park playing touch football.
Jimmy and Gary won.

Today, I can barely walk.

So much for rampagin'!