21 jul. 2005

Hot eclecticism at {lime tree}. I guess my reaction is Yes! The jazz analogy works great. I remember reading a Sharon Olds poem in one of the BAPS and thinking: this isn't so bad. In other words, I didn't think it was the poetic equivalent of Kenny G. (For the record Kenny G=Billy Colllins.) I didn't have to stretch too far to see Olds as a legitimate poet who just happens to be on the other side of an aribtrary and artificial socio-political division. That's what Jordan was saying too. Whereas other SoQ poets make me think: no, this division is real and tangible. I agree with Kasey about the contextualization, with one caveat. Sometimes the divisions are misleading. For example, why is Denise Levertov acceptable whereas Ammons is not, in certain circles? Is it a difference in their poetry, or in the social groupettos to which they belong?

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