24 jun. 2005

This doesn't feel like work. I'm checking my email, going to pick up my daughter's trumpet from the repair shop. All of a sudden I get some miraculously non-spam emails. The translations that were just sent back from APR are solicited by an online journal. I cut and paste a bit, send an email attachment and acceptance is mine in 24 hours. The mail comes with books from Spain. I email some questions to the poet who sent me them. I put in motion a hundred small projects, maybe one of which will lead to something down the road. I want to get the big stuff out of the way--the critical monograph that is the currency in academia--so I can reconstruct my c.v. out of the ephemera that is my daily life. A few poems or translations appearing here or there, a book review or two, an interview. If only I could be paid for some of this! Aside from the fragmentation and lack of tangible rewards, the other problem is in assessing how much any of this adds up to. A book that will receive 5 reviews in scholarly journals vs. a blog for which I get feedback of some kind every single day? The blog is my lifeline to other people. The publisher of my book of poetry is likely to be a reader of this blog.

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C. Dale dijo...

I have never thought of the blog as a feedback instrument, but the more I think about it, that is part of what it is. Good luck with the monograph and other things.