30 jun. 2005

My addictions and compulsive habits (the mentionable ones):


the acquisition of books of poetry, especially anything to do with the New York School. I own nearly every book published by Barbara Guest and James Schuyler. (Someone wrote in a comment on someone's blog: "Poets don't buy books of poetry." Could this be true? Not of any poet I know; luckily I do get a certain number of books gratis [feel free to keep those free books coming to me], but I still buy a tremendous amount.)

(time for another expresso)


publishing, seeing my name in print

poly-rhythms (want to hear my 4 against 5, Cuban bell pattern against straight 8ths?)

writing implements and notebooks


Overheard in my household yesterday:

"Silliman's blog is about Julia today." (Jonathan)

"What's 'the school of quietude'?" (Akiko)

"What does ''familiar premise' mean?" (Julia)

"So all of this a round-about way of saying that Julia's poetry is good because she's too young to be contaminated by this "quietude."? "Yes." (Akiko, Jonathan)

"I didn't know I was that good." (Julia)

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shanna dijo...

awesome--congrats to julia!