19 jun. 2005

I have an idea: we should write reviews of ourselves! our own books! After all, who knows more about my work than me? (Especially its weaknesses.) Now I know what you're going to say. How can I be objective about myself? Well obviously I could "cheat" and only write good things about me, but that would be too transparent. I think the reader could tell exactly the degree of honesty of any poet's self-review. You may think I'm kidding, and I guess I am. I do think we all know our strengths and weaknesses pretty well, though.

2 comentarios:

Anne Boyer dijo...

Not just self-reviewing, but also self-blurbing. Brilliant.

Gary dijo...

Jack Smith wanted to write about his own films and performance art in The Village Voice. They, of course, turned him down. His response was something like, "Well, I thought the whole point of The Village Voice was that this was what we--those of us in the Village--wanted. Our voice?"