22 jun. 2005

Here are some fragments of reviews I wrote. You can use them free of charge. Just replace the brackets with the appropriate content.


In [title of book] we see [name of poet] being [name of poet]. The same qualities that [name of poet] demonstrated in his/her first book, [title of book], are developed futher/squandered here. Longtime admirers of [name of poet] will welcome the book with open arms/be gravely disappointed. Those who don't like this sort of thing in the first place, on the other hand, are likely to keep on not liking it. An excellent book for those who like books of this exact sort.


Reading lines like these

[representative quote]

is like walking into a museum where [name of painter]'s work has been replaced by [incongruous pop culture reference]. [explanation of why this is a bad/good thing].

3 comentarios:

C. Dale dijo...

Hahahahaha. These are great. I say fron now on all reviews are done using this template.

Jonathan dijo...


I thought all reviews were already written with this template.

Ernesto dijo...

Have you read Gabriel Zaid? His concept of the "párrafo intercambiable" makes fun of some literary critics' ability to say the same about any poet. You should check it out.