6 jun. 2005

El culo de Bette

El culo de Bette no existe en el tiempo; sólo es espacio.

El culo de Bette no tiene ni orejas ni ojos

ni pecho. ni labios -- ¡faltaba más!

Sólo es culo, puro culo intemporal.

El culo de Bette no tiene Bette, ni Marilyn.

Se ha quedado sin Greta, sin Ingrid.

¡Ay de los tacones perdidos, del lápiz

de labios que Bette ya no tiene, que

el culo de Bette ya no tiene, que nunca ha tenido!

Ni tendrá nunca. Pobre de Bette.

Pobre del culo amplio pero inexistente

de Bette.

6 comentarios:

didi dijo...

Hi -

Thanks for participating. I think you have a few spanish boo boos though --check and see.

I really dig this though. No one else has thought of writing a poem in spanish yet.


Jonathan dijo...


Thanks. I'm not seeing anything wrong with the Spanish aside from a few sentence fragments and colloquial turns of phrase.

didi dijo...

okay - maybe it is just me.


Ernesto dijo...

I don't see anything wrong with the Spanish either. "Intemporal" may be weird, though. Perhaps "atemporal" would be the correct adjective.
"Pobre del culo amplio pero inexistente" sounds a bit odd, but in no way "incorrect".

I did not think about writing in Spanish, either... mmmh...

Loved your poem, Jonathan.

Jonathan dijo...


My dictionary has "atemporal" but not "intemporal" so you're right on that score. The ending is weird.

After the colloquial expression: "Pobre de Bette" I invented the expression "Pobre del culo de Bette," with some extra adjectives thrown in.

Kemel Zaldivar dijo...

This is superb.

I'd use "instantaneo" for "intemporal." It does mean the same, right? To be instantaneous and to exist outside of time?

or say "puro culo sobre lienzo"