11 may. 2005

Patrick Durgin writes:

I'm not a blogger, but I'd like to leave a comment on the recent posts to Bemsha Swing.  & here it is:
"Since one of the most important divine attributes is infinity, both text and talk, the letter and the voice retain fluidity and remain limitless.  The same logic that not only safeguards but vehemently protests against the word becoming either flesh or spirit also upholds the equality of the exegete: adhering to signs, beginning and ending with the words it expounds, commentary emerges not as reduction or limitation but a way of reinscribing and expanding the parameters of memory and knowledge, perpetual source of possibility and recuperation."  -- Ammiel Alcalay on the Levantine tradition and its foreshadowing of "postmodernism." From _Memories of Our Future_."

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