10 may. 2005

Nominate your choice for special invited speaker for the poetics seminar in comments below. The special invited speaker must be:

1. Poet and/or distinguished scholar or critic.
2. If poet, also able to give a seminar in academic context. If not a poet, not too "academic."
3. Able to attract a crowd across more than one department.
4. Don't nominate [your name here]. You don't invite yourself. I invite you.
5. Not too expensive. I'm thinking of using my money to invite two lesser well known people, rather than splurging on one star. I was embarrassed how small the honorarium was one particular year, in relation to the huge name I was bringing.
6. Willing to come to Kansas.

I usually have a selfish motive for bringing in someone. Often someone I've had email contact with but who I've never met en persona. I do have some names in mind but I'd like to hear from the Bemshamites as well.

3 comentarios:

GJPW dijo...

Frank Lima

Matthew Thorburn dijo...

Hi Jonathan,
You might be interested in checking out a guy named Jay Leeming. His first book of poems, Dynamite on A China Plate, will be published a little later this year by The Backwaters Press. --MT

Aaron Tieger dijo...

Bill Corbett?