2 may. 2005

Leo wrote a play once, very flimsy. I told him so and he told me that I didn't know anything about the theater. Who does? I don't trust a verbal art in which the language is held in contempt. Even the dance is better if you can bear to put up with all those symbolic twists and floor stampings... Actors think they know something. Have you ever talked to an actor? It's like calling up Dial-A-Prayer. This is very intolerant, but who can care about an audience?--which they do.

Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things

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A.R.B. dijo...

Very good, Jonathan. Really. Very good. Better than Jarrell. Well, almost.


Jonathan dijo...


Sorrentino is not as good as Jarrell? Who is this "Jarrell" you are talking about?