10 may. 2005

"Impatience" By Rachel Hadas

Would it be possible for Pinsky to choose worse poems for Slate? (Except for the poems by my fellow bloggers, of course, which get the famous "blogger's pass"). Yes, there is indeed a level of poetic abjection even lower than Hadas and C.K Williams: the poems that readers post in Slate's "fray," mostly just plagiarized doggerel from what I can see. Instead of commenting on the crap RP chooses, the fraysters parasitically put up their own poems, then criticize one another for stealing horrible lines from other horrible poems.

2 comentarios:

Michael Snider dijo...

I don't much like the poem in Slate, but Hadas is a very fine poet. She has a much better piece (though not one of her best) at the current Yale Review: "The Verge."

Jonathan dijo...


That one's only marginally stronger, in my opinion. I've seen her name in Poetry and elsewhere but just don't feel that she's a very strong poet.