2 may. 2005

Here's some names and titles you don't want to spell wrong:

Thelonious Monk (not "Thelonius")

Ashbery (not "Ashberry")

Allen Ginsberg (not "Alan")

The Waste Land (not "The Wasteland")

Finnegans Wake (not "Finnegan's Wake")

Zukofsky (not "Zukovsky")

Jonathan (not Johnathan, Jonathon...)

Kasey Silem Mohammad (I think that's right, at least)

Jackson Pollock (not Pollack)

Usually, when someone hasn't taken the time to learn the correct spelling of the author or title, the person's opinion is not likely to be worth very much. For example, I myself misspelled Zukofsky's name a while back, and I don't really know very much about him. I wouldn't dream of talking about Robert "Creely" or John "Ashberry" --poets I do know quite a bit about. I obviously know very little about Solshenitzen.

UPDATE: when someone leaves an offensive comment, I have to hide the whole thread, including other more productive comments. This is not a blog for 13-year olds proud of their ability to spout obscenities.