20 may. 2005

Guy Davenport on O. Henry or Barthelme made me think of Borges. There is a distinctively Borgesian tone in Davenport's writing, that I didn't see until yesterday. That sly erudition and slippery voice that say "things are not what they seem."

Davenport, Creeley, Sontag, and Bellow all died recently. The last two names, however, resonated in the media in a way that the first two didn't. Of course, I have my own view of the respective merits of these four names.

What poets from Don Allen's New American Poetry went on to win significant mainstream prizes (Pulitzer, Nobel, National Book Award, etc...)? Snyder for Turtle Island, Ashbery for Self-Portrait come to mind. And Schuyler won a Pulitzer prize.

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Jonathan dijo...


Ginsberg and O'Hara won National Book Awards.