12 abr. 2005

Inspired by Gary, Jack has come up with his own Coolidge/T'ang combination.

I haven't had time to write my own yet.

You can use another dynasty if T'ang does not appeal to you. Jump forward a couple hundred years to the Sung period if you want.

I should be getting some good books in the mail soon. Schuyler and Tu Fu. One more thing I ordered but don't remember exactly what it is. I'll be surprised, I guess... Oh, yes, an Arthur Waley translation from the Chinese. I'll never be a great poet, but I think I have it in me to be one of the greatest readers of poetry of my time.

Looking forward to my New York trip this weekend. It might be very inexpensive if I weren't allergic to cats. Solvitur acris hiems! How would Tu Fu have translated Horace?

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