24 abr. 2005

I need a publisher, or several publishers. My project: "After Lorca," a series of translations of recent Spanish poetry. The problem: I am sick of Lorca. That is, I am sick of people mentioning Lorca to me, as though he were the only Spanish poet who ever existed. I am also sick of Miguel Hernández and Juan Ramón Jiménez. If you are a publisher, please contact me. You can have the honor of publishing the first volume in the "After Lorca" series: "Intravenus" by Lola Velasco and Amalia Iglesias. My idea is to publish these with as many different small and university presses as possible. Hell, I'll even condescend to using a trade press!

I also need a magazine willing to publish installments of these works. No internet magazines, please. if I am going to publish these on line, I might as well do it on my own blogs.

Death to anthologies! These are complete poetic works, translated in their entirety. Anthologies are evil.

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