25 mar. 2005

My Poet's Bookshelf. I'm assuming everyone already knows that I like Ceravolo, Coolidge, Guest, Shapiro, O'Hara, Koch, Ashbery, Schuyler, Creeley, Williams, and not necessarily in that order. My list will include only non-Americans.

Basho. All the haiku, and renga in collaboration with other poets.
Beckett. Ill Seen Ill Said and "Neither."
Pessoa. All the Alvaro de Campos poems.
Claudio Rodríguez. Collected poetry. I wrote my dissertation on this guy.
Raymond Roussel. "La Vue"
Baudelaire. Fleurs du mal
Reverdy. Plupart du Temps
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Horace and Catullus
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Obviously on any other day I might come up with a different list. I'm not a great lorquista, unfortunately. He's a great poet, but one I don't feel close to myself. I've gone out of my way to avoid writing about him, even though he's in my field, academically speaking.

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