26 mar. 2005

It's been suggested that I put in my list of NY Poetry as well. Of course, you should read everything these poets have written, but I'm going to give a few of my favorites, in no particular order.

John Ashbery. Houseboat Days.
James Schuyler. Selected Poems. [Normally I don't like Selecteds, but this one really includes almost everything you need to read of Schuyler]
Koch. One Thousand And One Avant-Garde Plays / Thank You and Other Poems
Barbara Guest. Selected Poems / The Red Gaze
Frank O'Hara. Collected Poems.
David Shapiro. Lateness.
Joseph Ceravolo. Spring in this World of Poor Mutts.
Clark Coolidge. The Crystal Text / Own Face
Berrigan (père) Sonnets
Berrigan (fils) Zero Star Hotel
Notley. Mysteries of Small Houses
Ron Padgett. Joe. Among the Blacks.
Joe Brainard. I Remember.
Eileen Myles. I don't necessarily have a favorite work; just choose anything start reading.
Jordan Davis. Million Poems Journal
Bernadette Mayer. Writing Experiments / A Mid-Winter's Day
Jonathan Mayhew. Minor Poets of the New York School. {just kidding}

And don't forget Frank Lima, Michael Brownstein, Lewis Marsh, Kenward Elmslie. I'm sure there are other poets I'm forgetting or just haven't read that much. I have no rigorous definition of the New York School. You qualify if you are in an anthology of NY School poetry or if you have some direct connection to one of the five "first generation" poets or to one of the Tulsa school figures.

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