26 jul. 2004

Some clarifications about the quiz: items in column B are not things I hate, but things that I like or tolerate or love slightly less than items in column A. The real variability is likely to be in column D (don't know, don't care), since a purely random selection of A's and B's would produce a score of about 74, which is above the mean of responses garnered so far. (See constantly updated results two posts down.) It's probably a poorly designed scoring system. I wouldn't have expected to share more with Henry and Chris, for example, than with Gary and Nada. (Chris is a jazz guy, and Gary's not.) On the other hand, Jack, Jordan, and Jess score highly, which is no big surprise.

The winners in three categories will get the following prize: an email attachment of Minor Poets of the New York School.

1) High score.
2) Low score.
3) Mean score.

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