5 jul. 2004

Lola Velasco and Amalia Iglesias wrote a book together called Intravenus, that just came out within the past year. The ostensible subject is Amalia's recent cancer scare, but the style of the book is rather abstract, so that this subject matter only appears obliquely, in isolated images. I see the style and structure in this book as more related to Lola's poetry than Amalia's, but the collaboration was so close, according to the poets, that they cannot say who wrote which of the lines.

Imagina una hoguera,
azufre en el horizonte,
el cielo
inalámbrico y glacial.

Junto al río de plasma
el soliloquio inútil
de las piedras,
acróbatas para nadie
en llanura.

Nos inclinamos a su imán
con el miedo reciente
muy cerca del rostro.


Imagine a bonfire,
sulphur on the horizon,
the sky
wireless and glacial.

Alongside the river of plasma,
the useless soliloquy
of the stones,
acrobats for nobody
on the plain.

We tilt toward its magnet
with the recent fear
very close to our faces.

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