7 jun. 2007

I'm resurrecting this post from 3 years ago. I took the quiz again myself and looked at the answers. I failed miserably:


Reading some W.S. Merwin poems in APR, it struck me that the style was a lot like the great Rod McKuen. So here's my test: which fragments are from Merwin, which from McKuen?


Who knows how many dreams
die out of season
reaching for some added darkness
or twisting upward where the sunlight
sits on haunches in the tops of trees.


Not enough has been said
ever in your praise
hushed mornings
before the year turns new


So you are leaving everything
the way it is
taking only your day with you

already you are out of reach...


The air was bearable to me
only just because I had to breathe
but then you must have known that.


You are what we believe
even if we know better
seeing is believing. . .


not forgetting you
forgetting you
in the dark of the shoes
in the sounds of the stairs
in the opening door


4 comentarios:

Andrew Shields dijo...

A and F are Merwin?

Jonathan dijo...

F is Merwin. A isn't.

Hermagoras dijo...

I say B, C, and F are Merwin, the others not. But it was difficult. Do I get anything if I win?

Jonathan dijo...

A, D: McKuen

B, C, E, F: Merwin.

You came close. There are no prizes awarded.