7 mar. 2004

Interview with Julia Tsuchiya-Mayhew

JM: When did you start writing poetry?

JTM: When I was seven-years old, of course. When was I born? June 14, 1995, in Columbus Ohio.

JM: Who are some of your favorite poets?

JTM: Kasey Mohammed and the one with Million Poems. Can it be dead?

JM: Yes.

JTM: How about Kenneth Koch?

JM: What is your favorite thing about poetry?

JTM: I don't know, it's just fun to write. You can use your imagination.

JM: What do you feel like when people read your poetry?

JTM: I feel proud of myself.

JM What kind of poems are your favorite to write?

JTM: Sestinas and "pretend to be." And acrostics.

JM: Do you think you'll write poetry when you're grown up, or stop writing?

JTM: I think I will write a little bit but not as much. I'll be into different things.

JM: What will you be into?

JTM: Maybe more into writing normal stories, since I'm into all different forms of literature.

JM: Who are you favorite authors?

JTM: JRR Tolkien, Jules Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens, and Beverly Cleary. And Emily Rodda.

JM: What's your favorite genre of fiction?

JTM: I like realistic fiction, normal fiction, and science-fiction.

JM. How do you get ideas for poems?

JTM: It pops out into my mind suddenly. And sometimes by reading books.

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