3 dic. 2003

Number one has to be Elvin Jones, pictured here with a zildjian K Constantine cymbal. He invented a new jazz "feel," based on a distinctive ride cymbal beat and a "rolling triplet" pattern on the drums. A polyrhythmic feel based on the possibility of accenting any note of the jazz eighth-note triplet. He is uniquely powerful and subtle in his work with John Coltrane, but he is just as good today as forty years ago. He is electrifying in person.

He is not an especially "clean" or precise player. His beat is looser than drummers in the Buddy Rich (or the Max Roach) line. I actually prefer this looseness. The only other potential weakness is a certain tendency toward bombast, which he does share with Rich. Some people don't care for his cymbal sound, which I happen to love.

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