9 oct. 2003

I.20a "The tears into his eyes were brought"

This one is sort of pedestrian in a Wordsworthian way. If it is passage of a longer work it is not fair to judge it in isolation. B-

20b "O waly, waly, up the bank"

Another Scottish dialect poem; the speaker of the poem is a woman foresaken by her lover. I am out of my element here. I like the poetic use of toponyms: Glasgow toun, Saint Anton's well... A-

20c "When my mother died I was very young"

William Blake's poem about the chimney sweep. A+

20d "And thou, who tell'st me to forget, / Thy looks are wan, thine eyes are wet"

If this is the complete poem, it would get a B+. I can't judge if it is but part of something longer. I have no idea. We're in the Romantic period.

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