7 oct. 2003

I.10a "They fle from me that sometyme did me seke"

An anthology-piece, extremely well-known. I'm pretty sure it's Thomas Wyatt (but if it's not it's Surrey). I can't really judge it, that would be too arrogant even for me. I'm not sure I know what he was doing metrically here, though. A+

10b "The long love that in my heart doth harbor"

A translation of a sonnet by Petrarch, by either Wyatt or Surrey. I know both of them translated the same poem. I think this is Surrey's translation but I'm not positive. (It's not as fun when I know the poems already). It's probably equal to Petrarch's poem. I can't look at the answers in the back, even for sections I've already done, through fear of accidentally seeing the answers to comparisons I've not yet done.


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