7 oct. 2003


A traditional lyric, probably anonymous:

"This ae night, this ae nighte
Every nighte and alle
Fire and sleet and candle-lighte
And Christe receive thy saule."

This kind of thing is beyond judgment: to survive at all, an anonymous lyric would have had to be in the top 1%. Plus, anything with the aura of the "classic" about it seems hard to take apart critically. A


"I sing of a maiden / That is makéles. / King of all kings / To her sone sche ches."

Another anonymous medieval lyric, also beyond judgment, but even more so: A+


"Erthe out of erthe is wondirly wrogthe"

I get it. We started with the classics and now are into the medieval period. Duh[slaps forehead]. This is a rather plodding didactic poem, also probably anonymous. B+

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