7 oct. 2003

I. 4a

I love fourteeners!:

"The flouds at random where they list through all the fields did stray,
Men, beasts, trees, corne, and with their Gods, were Churches washed away.
If any house were built so strong, against their force to stonde,
Yet did the water hide the top: and turrets in that ponde
Were over whelmde: no difference was between the sea and ground;
For all was sea..."

These are not lilting or monotonous, as fourteeners often are, and the poet's sense of language is extraordinary. I have no idea who it is, but it is more or less the same period as 3b. A+


The Narcissus myth, adopted or translated from Ovid:

"For when I stretch mine arms to thee, thou stretchest thine likewise."

The same meter, used to a very different effect. Not wholly successful, since one feels the poet straining to fulfill the requirements of the meter. B-

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