2 oct. 2003

Here's a paper I'm going to give in a few weeks. Very simplistic, I'm sorry to say, but I'm dealing with an audience that won't necessarily know very much about what I'm talking about. I can't use shorthand and assume everyone knows what I'm talking about, as I do on the blog. It should be provocative. To download the PDF file of the paper you will have to put in the password "poetics" when prompted. Top secret! Don't tell anyone. You didn't hear if from me.

If you have gone from a traditional taste to a more avant-garde taste I'd appreciate you sending me a brief statement that I can quote when people challenge my fool-hardy assertion that this is a common and irreversible path. If you've gone the other direction, or there and back, I'd also like to hear from you. Don't write more than a sentence or two.

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