13 oct. 2003


I knew WCW and Browning, Swinburne. I missed Browning twice, giving him some of the lowest grades in the entire test for separate passages from Pippa. I would do the same again: now I know why I could never read this poem! I mistook Peele for Campion: at least I was within 100 years on this one. I failed to respond very well to yet another poem by Burns.

I recognized a fragment from Keats, gave an A to Herbert (though didn't put him in the right century), gave a B- to a fragment from Pericles. Knowing it's Shakespeare now, I'd give the same grade: it's not really Shakespeare at anywhere near his best. I recognized a poem of Niedecker's I knew already. I gave an A- to Wyatt and a B+ to another passage from Pericles. I ended by grading highly another anonymous lyric and 16th century 14er poem by Richard Edward, of whom I had never heard.

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