3 jun. 2003

I've been noticed here: "Bemsha Swing: Desde algún lugar del norte y en inglés. Jonathan Mayhew quién además lleva en forma paralela otro blog orientado a la poesía, ese sí en español."

and here:

"...and Jonathan Mayhew makes/notes this interesting observation in Bemsha Swing (that gets my vote for coolest weblog name): "Monk liked working within forms, not exploding them. Especially the 12-bar blues. Imagine if William Carlos Williams had written sonnet after sonnet." Monk, consistently misunderstood in his lifetime and beyond, is often mischaracterized as having been too far "out" there for his contemporaries. He was surely ahead of his time. But he was, in fact, a classicist in many ways who never lost touch with the roots of his music, the forms upon which his admittedly unique music was built. He never (and never sought to) completely lost sight of jazz landmarks as Ornette Coleman sometimes did. Poets seeking to be on the cutting-edge of poetics would do well to consider his music in the context of the evolution of jazz composition. Plus it's damn good stuff. Incidentally, most listeners think of "Bemsha Swing" in its incarnation from Monk's famous Brilliant Corners album. Great stuff. But you owe it to yourself to hear it on the earlier OJC release."

I'm glad I have one vote for coolest blog name, after having had least cool blog name forever.

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