6 jun. 2003

I came across this Long Nosed PB poem. It was written by Russel Edson many years ago and just so *happens* to coincide with the theme of the hour. I hope you like it. (It is actually a Long Nosed PB SQUIRREL poem.)

'There once was a squirrel puppet who wanted to be a real squirrel. By squirrel puppet I mean a puppet made by squirrels, in the image of squirrels. But what the devil is the word for a female squirrel? A hen, a cow, a bitch, a mare? Before this story can be told--how the squirrel's nose grew whenever it told a lie, how the squirrel puppet was almost turned into the puppet of a donkey or mule-- this question must be resolved. Because, you see, this particular squirrel puppet was a

"Long Nosed Pinocchio Squirrel Bitch"

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