27 may. 2003

I like the irregular, aleatory quality of "discussions" among bloggers. The way something I say may or may not be picked up for discussion--and in unpredictable ways. The fact no two bloggers have the same set of links or read the exact same set of blogs on the same schedule. I don't have a complete set of links on my sites, for example. I don't have a link to Drew Gardner's overlap, even though I read his blog. There is no reason for this; I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

So any attempt to plot the path of discussion in an orderly way is doomed to failure--and it's a good thing too. All this in reaction to an article that many have been discussing, in chaotic fashion, after Joe Duemer put a link up there sometime in the past 36 hours. I found the link on equanimity but I'm sure it's available elsewhere as well.

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